MKST Staging Area Template

MKST provides a standard approach to many of the common data warehousing activity tasks.

The data warehousing theory is out of scope here, but we could introduce some very basic concepts.

Most of the times we need to prepare data for a reporting/analysis tool without accessing directly the production databases:
- We don’t want to load the server interfering with every day user’s activities
- Normally source data is quite normalized (not ready for efficient reporting queries)
- We may need to do some cleansing and checks
- Many times we have to combine data from different sources (ERP, CRM…) and enrich them

MKST will enable you to transfer data from different sources (local or linked databases) to a data warehouse.

The MKST data warehouse flow consists of a process organized in three phases.
- Upload: transfer data from multiple sources to MKST staging
- Validation: check the uploaded data
- Import: transfer data from the staging area to a DWH

After configuring the staging the dbo.full_process stored procedure will do the job and the dbo.last_process_log will provide you the results.

MKST comes with four sql schemas.
- dbo: basic tables and procedures you should not modify
- ext: tables and procedure you may need to extend or add
- stg: tables that will serve as a destination for the original data
- dwh: views that will serve as a source for the DWH tables

You can download the script and the manual MKST.zip

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